Making a nice golf shot feels soooo good.  It can happen to you!  But when you're on a golf course wanting a good result more than world peace, making a lousy shot can be maddening.

Before you ever pick up a golf club to begin learning the game, or before you quit golf forever, you need to read Frustration Free Golf.  It could help you play NON-VIOLENT RECREATIONAL GOLF.  The kind where you don't beat up on yourself!

Hi! This is Jim Bradley, and welcome to Frustration Free Golf!

While golfing, have you ever: thrown a club, busted a club over your knee, made the scenery around you colorful with a bouquet of expletives, or just gotten so damn mad that you wanted to strangle the first person you could get your hands on?

Well, if you have, I can relate. So have I.

It was getting to the point where I had to get a grip on golf frustration, or rip myself out of the game forever.

But, probably like you, I was addicted. I couldn't quit. But I couldn't take the frustration, either. So I developed a program for Frustration Free Golf.

My program for Frustration Free Golf comes in 4 forms. The long one. (Not TOO long!) It's for the long term. The short one. For most times when you play or practice golf. The quick and dirty form. For when you can't remember the short form. And the emergency form. For when your mind has gone blank for any reason, you are about to tee off, and you don't wish to give in to a torrent of anger and profanities. All of the forms are detailed in Frustration Free Golf.

You'll learn:
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Frustration Free Golf. Dedicated to ever more golfers having ever less frustration!