If you’d like to see an example of how NOT to play Frustration Free Golf, go to and check out “Tiger Woods Throws Driver Into Crowd 2009 Australian Masters.”  You might have to watch the video twice, to catch the action, because it happens so fast.

Woods pooches a drive, and then flings his driver into the crowd without so much as a wind up.  The follow through of his tee shot ended up serving as the “back swing” for his driver fling!

Now, who says that even Woods doesn’t have to be lucky sometimes?  He’s lucky that no one was injured by his missile, or he probably would have been dealing with that legal matter even before dealing with Elin.

In the youtube video cited, the commentator calls Woods’ deed an “inexcusable act.”  I agree.  I think that it was a terrible example for youngsters everywhere, and that the lack of sportsmanship displayed really runs counter to the spirit of golf. 

Just because you have dough doesn’t mean you have class, or that you have a blank check to act anyway you want to, without regard for others.

Hey, why not play Frustration Free Golf, instead?

Personally, if I had been paid 2 or 3 million dollars just to show up and play in a tournament, as Woods was to play in the Australian Masters, I’d be throwing a party, not clubs!